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Stay Up-to-the-Minute with Your Child’s Progress with Storypark

For some whanau, dropping off the tamariki to daycare can be a difficult part of the day. Missing out on time with our little ones can be a bit of a wrench, and whether it’s work, study, or just an understanding that your child needs to have social time outside of the immediate family, mornings can still feel tough. At The Point Early Learning Centre in Gisborne, we have a great tool that we can all use to stay in touch, it’s called Storypark and it’s an App you can download to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Let’s Chat

Storypark works interactively, and at The Point Early Learning Centre Gisborne, we love it when whanau get involved on Storypark. The way it works is that you have a secure, private account, and across the daycare day we upload photos and video clips to your account. This means that when your child is trying something new, excelling at something fun, or just being their lovable self, we can capture a moment and send it through to you instantly. You can comment on the material we upload, and we love it when a conversation gets started.

Stay In the Loop

Storypark is a great way to share what your children are up to with extended family or friends, you can choose who to include as part of your Storypark account, and they get to interact with the material too. At our Gisborne daycare centre, we like to upload a lot of the artwork that your child produces, which is actually a good way to cut back on clutter at home. We are always looking for ways to operate more sustainably, and Storypark can also be a fantastic tool to cut back on paper waste.

Checking In on Routines

One of the other ways we use Storypark at The Point Early Learning Centre Gisborne is to share daycare notices and information. We also build a profile for each child, and we can update you when naptime has been ticked off, sunscreen has been applied, and let you know if your childcare kid is eating their snacks. We can use planning tools on Storypark and we can set reminders on the calendar when something special is on the horizon.

We think Storypark is pretty cool, let us know if you would like us to help you get set up – you may just find morning drop off gets a little easier when you know you can get easy updates during the day.