Our philosophy

AROHA - Love

At The Point Childcare and Education Centre children are our primary focus; each child is unique and brings with them their own special qualities and characteristics. We aim to support children’s holistic development.

Children at our centre will experience a caring, nurturing environment, one which promotes a positive self-image and respect for people, places and things. One which helps children build positive relationships, where they experience and learn the importance of trust & honesty and where they develop a sense of independence and autonomy.

We wish for children to have access to quality education and care that establishes a love of learning that will continue throughout their lives.


We recognise parents/caregivers as the child’s first educators and through a supportive and collaborative approach we will work together to develop shared goals and aspirations for their children.

We aspire for children to learn the value of their own and other cultures and experience the concept of tuakana/teina which emphasises reciprocal relationships wherein children and teachers play both a teaching and learning role within the learning community. We understand that younger children learn from older children and vice versa, accentuating the importance of each child’s value and contribution.as they learn from each other, the teachers and their surroundings.


The Points building logo represents our values & beliefs. The roof symbolises the overarching AROHA - LOVE that binds us together and each pillar symbolises the four principles that underpin our centre philosophy:

AKO – Teaching and Learning

We aspire for all children to have access to a high quality curriculum that notices, recognises and responds to the curiosity and interest shown by our learners.  For children to experience an environment that supports the development of their numeracy and literacy skills, as well as one where communication is encouraged and social interaction is supported, which will assist them to develop skills in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships in the future.

We also believe that children bring knowledge from home and that they can teach us and their peers as much as we can teach them. The Point strives to celebrate this collective knowledge and utilise it to learn new things.

TAIAO – Environment

The Point believes that the environment is a child’s 3rd teacher and strives to provide a nature rich environment with a vast indoor and outdoor spaces.  By utilising, encouraging and valuing all areas of learning and development through Papatuanuku - Mother Nature we provide children with the opportunity to build strong connections with the natural environment so they learn to care for, respect and protect the living world.

We aspire for children to experience free, independent movement and play and provide safe spaces and time for them to move freely on their own and in their own way.  We provide a safe but challenging environment that supports self-discovery, exploration, joy in success and accomplishment and where they will have fun while they learn.


We are guided by New Zealand’s bi-cultural curriculum Te Whāriki and acknowledge that children learn through play as well as planned experiences.  Children will have opportunities to interact with and explore their environment, the people within it and be guided by teachers that recognise that play, problem-solving and exploration are important and valued ways of learning.  We wish for children to have the freedom to explore their own creativity and provide opportunities and experiences that foster this.