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Connecting with Nature is Learning Through Play

Learn And Grow

At our early childhood centre in Gisborne, we believe that children learn in many different ways. We encourage them to grow and explore through focused learning, with play, and importantly, within their surroundings. Papatanuku – Mother Nature – provides endless opportunities for children to connect with their environment in ways that promote learning through experience.

Activate The Senses

Tactile learning is a big part of educating our tamariki, when we are small the senses are so tuned into to touch, and by opening up the doors and taking your little ones outside, a myriad of opportunities become available to teach through lived experience. We are so fortunate at The Point childcare in Gisborne to have access to outdoor spaces where your child can safely experiment with water and soil, to connect with plant life and meet animals and insects. It’s great for you child to have times when they can cut loose and get dirty as part of guided play, it makes us all stronger when we spend time in the fresh air.

You Belong

By learning that they are part of a larger ecosystem, your tamariki become more aware of their place in the world as caretakers and explorers. This creates a generation of children who see ways that they can protect what is so beautiful about our country. Learning to care for our environment (taiao) is more important now than ever before, and our Gisborne daycare teachers love to find fun ways to promote these ideas as commonsense. If we all work together, we can ensure a bright future for your children – and their children too.

Push Play

Being outdoors affords our childcare whanau more opportunities to stretch physically and at our daycare we encourage independent movement in safe ways in the great outdoors. We love to run and play outside, and we have lots of outdoor games that are also powerful learning tools. By moving our bodies, we become more heart healthy and by the end of the day we are a good kind of tired! By staying connected to the environment we learn ways of taking being there for one another that are gentle and respectful.

At The Point Early Learning Centre Gisborne we love to feel the elements and grow active learners, get in touch today to chat about the wonderful offerings we have available now for your tamariki.