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Celebrating Our Community Make Us Stronger

The Point Early Learning Centre in Gisborne loves to play an active part in helping your child feel a sense of belonging. We believe that if we know and understand our community as being made up of diverse cultures, we grow together in ways that ensure that all our tamariki and their whanau are valued and included. Daycare is a great place to start building confidence in our identity, the things we share, and the unique ways we can be together. There is so much we can learn from each other, and there is no time like the present to begin building strong individuals that feel connected in their communities.

Come and Celebrate!

We are lucky at The Point childcare Gisborne to have children attending that identify with lots of different cultures. We like to explore where we all hark from, what our family lineage might be, and the different ways we practice our heritage at home. This gives us a chance to do the thing we love best, celebrate! There is space for everyone at our Gisborne childcare, and if you would like to get involved by teaching us a song, telling us a special story, or showing us how to make the food you grew up with, we would be very excited to have you visit.

The Ways We Are the Same

Celebrating the holidays, the food, and the national dress of the communities we are a part of is a great way to learn what’s important to the person who sits next to us. Sometimes at our childcare centre, we learn that other cultures approach things differently, or we may learn that our values are more closely aligned than we thought. These are important lessons that are the foundation for tolerance and acceptance as your child grows – and also great opportunities to share joyful occasions with one another.

One For All and All For One

We encourage all our whanau at The Point Early Childhood Centre in Gisborne to add their special dates to our calendar, we have already some great celebrations ahead for Matariki, Diwali, Tongan National Language Week, Kaupapa Moana, St Patrick’s Day, and Chinese New Year. We will get together to eat some yummy foods, we can dress up and there will likely be some lovely singing and dancing!

Get in touch with The Point Childcare Centre in Gisborne to become part of an active community, we love to learn and grow, let’s do it together!